AMAZING INDUSTRIES explores the archetype of a mega corporation encroaching on our daily lives, bringing ideologies and promises of new utopian futures.  In one project, turns the Amazon business model inside out to explore its hidden pockets of alienation and strangeness as a signifier of the future of work. AMAZING INDUSTRIES is concerned about the precarity and inequality that late capitalism is bringing into our towns.

With its branded paradise, AMAZING INDUSTRIES adopts the hyper branding in tech’s  startup culture, but reorients it with a critical eye to amplify workers voices. The company has infiltrated into corporate infrastructure by creating paid tasks on Mechanical Turk, Amazon’s online crowd sourcing marketplace. The tasks are designed to enable workers to share their work experiences on on the platform. The worker’s voices are mirrored back onto Amazon’s own systems, which are designed to hide the worker and their stories are then woven and looped back into its exhibitions. The work on Mechanical Turk includes tagging and classifying images, which is helping machines learn to see, creating even more precarity for Mechanical Turk’s workers.

AMAZING INDUSTRIES is an ideological research and development startup created by artist, Brett Wallace. The company’s mission to explore possible futures of work that are humane and equal.  The ideological company is an ongoing artwork which aims to demystify the future of work and advocate for a better future for workers.

Instagram: @amazingindustries @brettwallacenyc @silasvonmorisse

Twitter: @brett_wallace @amazingndustrz